Artist Statement

Addictions, obsessions, cravings. We all have them, and sometimes we use a coping mechanism to replace things we lack in life. Creating work that reveals coping methods is a beneficial way to acknowledge the problem any problems we have. My work is a way to connect people. Some people use alcohol, drugs, or sex to make them feel better, but some just use cake. Sweets may sound harmless, but can be as dangerous as any other addiction. Dependence can come from a lack of intimacy, fulfillment, failure, loneliness, or just curiosity.

In my work I focus on my obsessions and cravings, using that medium to relate my outlooks to whoever is viewing my work. The medium of cake has the versatility of being food, and an art medium. In my work I use the very medium that has in some way power over me to create my work. I choose to create with edible sweets as an emphasis on the needs in my life. The constant thought of wanting and eating cake is a coping device; a replacement for the lack of satisfaction in my life. Through my work I want the viewer to connect with that the feeling that a stand-in gives for whatever they truly need, whatever theirs might be.